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MIBIL-ML is a company offering a full range of professional cleaning services in Sofia, specialized in one-off and regular cleaning of domestic, office and commercial facilities.

We provide a wide range of professional, reliable, and affordable cleaning services of homes, offices, administrative and public properties, warehouses and many more. We perform enterprise cleaning, including machine washing of soft flooring and furniture, washing of windows, window frames, blinds, etc., as well as cleaning of the entire interior furnishing. We perform sanitation and disinfection of sanitary facilities. We offer both one-time cleaning and maintenance visits at our facilities.

Our goal is your home or office to get in perfect condition, even after just one visit of our team.

Our Services


One-off cleaning, carried out after parties, repair works or on highly contaminated sites.


Cleaning maintenance carried out over a negotiated regular period of time.


In order to maintain constant hygiene, our company offers daily cleaning of homes and offices.


Don't miss our additional service - ironing.

Professional cleaning

Why to choose MIBIL-ML ?

Because we know how important it's for you, your home to be clean, and the office - nice for work.

Because our experience has taught us to work professionally and with personal detail for every customer.

In order to have more time for yourself and your family.