The main cleaning is performed:

  • After repair works- removal of dried plasters, gypsum, cement, paint and other building materials. Floor and walls dust removal.
  • Cleaning heavily contaminated sites of deep-dirt resulted from intense operation or poor maintenance. Including cleaning after events or parties.
  • Seasonal(Spring) cleaning - complete cleaning of the premises.

Floor cleaning:

  • Vacuuming.
  • Washing of hard flooring (faience, terracotta, marble, mosaic): Sanitizing and disinfecting various floorings. As a result, the floor remains dry and acquires impeccable purity and shine.
  • Machine washing of soft floor coverings (carpets, rugs, berbers): Cleaning is based on the extraction method - injecting cleaning solution and suction, which removes the deeply penetrated dirt and stains, and the floorings acquire a pleasant aroma and the freshness of the colors is also restored .

Furniture cleaning:

  • Solid furniture (cabinets, showcases, tables): The service includes dust removal and wiping with a suitable cleaning solution, both on the boards and the glass components, which removes stains, glue residues and other dirt.
  • Soft furniture (sofas, armchairs, mattresses): First the mayor stains are removed, then shampooing is used, consisting of a washing solution. In this way the upholstery gets freshened. The fabric remains semi-dry.
  • Cleaning of electrical/electronic equipment: Due to the delicacy of the devices, it is done manually, with a dry cloth or cloth dampened with a specialized detergent. Where needed, appropriate professional methods are used.

Cleaning of doors, windows and blinds:

  • Includes double-sided (except for building facades) frame and glass cleaning of each window. The service is done manually with professional cleaning agents, which remove any dirt quickly and efficiently. Professional cleaning solutions are used to ensure that they remain clean longer.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting and flavoring. Complete cleaning (walls, floor, furnishing) by treatment with special cleaning agents with double action - cleaning and disinfection, which are completely harmless for people, having a pleasant aroma. Removes deposits of limestone, cement film, rust, soaps, etc. Cleaning is done manually, paying special attention to joints, corners and all risk areas. Disinfection with a special agent follows. At the end, what remains is a pleasant scent.

Kitchen cleaning:

  • Cleaning of surfaces and appliances.
  • Removing fats, oils, protein impurities.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of washable surfaces, utensils and kitchen equipment.
  • Waste disposal.

Subscription service (daily, weekly or monthly) is an important part of our service. It is carried out over a certain period of time, depending on customer's request. The company offers different types of subscriptions, which are not only convenient, but also economical. Staff who are involved in subscription maintenance are specifically trained for the performed work and used cleaning agents and machines. In order to ensure you get the best cleaning quality each time, usually the same cleaner is sent to the customer premises.

The subscription prices are determined after a preliminary inspection (it is free and non-binding), then an offer is sent and upon approval by both parties a contract is signed.

In order to maintain constant hygiene, the company offers daily cleaning of homes and offices. It includes:

  • Washing hard flooring.
  • Dust removal from furniture and devices.
  • Cleaning of showcases.
  • Windows and doors cleaning.
  • Disinfection, aromatization and refilling of sanitary supplies.
  • Waste disposal.
  • Sweeping/washing of terraces.

For many people ironing is at the top of the list of most hated domestic duties. Did you know that if you iron an average of 3 hours a week, it makes 156 hours a year, which means you spend 7 days of the year ironing. And for a normal family of 4 people, time is doubled, so you spend half a month per year ironing. Don't you have something better to do - spend some precious time with your family, take a break or simply relax?

If you are too busy with work, with children, or just prefer to do something better than ironing, we can help you. No matter what your preferences are, we will offer you an appropriate service. Whether it's all-week laundry or several shirts, call us and we'll take the clothes from your home or office and we'll bring them back fresh and ready to wear the very next day.

We also offer commercial service - we will be happy to help you with the laundry and ironing needs of your restaurant, hotel or for events like weddings, celebrations, parties, etc.


  • One-off ironing (by customer request).
  • One-off washing, drying and ironing (by customer request).
  • Subscription ironing (over a couple of days, weekly, monthls).
  • Subscription washing drying and ironing (over a couple of days, weekly, monthls).

All types of services are done at convenient time for the client!