Service Price
Solid flooring
Vacuuming 0.50 BGN/m2
Hand washing 1.00 BGN/m2
Machine washing 1.40 BGN/m2
Sealing of hard flooring 2.00 BGN/m2
Machine polishing of sealing 0.50 BGN/m2
Steam cleaning of flooring and rooms 1.40 BGN/m2
Cleaning stairs 2.00 BGN/m2
Cleaning rails 2.00 BGN/m2
Soft flooring
Vacuuming 0.50 BGN/m2
Carpet, rugs and berber cleaning (free transportation) 3.00 BGN/m2
Machine washing on soft flooring - carpets, rugs, velter, berber, etc. 1.50 BGN/m2
Wall cleaning 1.50 BGN/m2
Solid furniture
Dust removal
Cleaning of cabinets, cupboards, desks, etc. - from the outside 2.50 BGN/m2
Cleaning of cabinets, cupboards, desks, etc. - both from the inside and outside 5.50 BGN/m2
Radiator cleaning 3.00 BGN/pcs.
Washing of upholstered furniture 6.00 BGN/seat
Washing of upholstered chairs 2.00 BGN/pcs.
Mattress machine washing 5.00 BGN/person
Cleaning and dust removal of furniture and appliances
Black, white and office equipment 1.20 BGN/pcs.
Air conditioners, lighting devices, etc 0.70 BGN/pcs.
Cleaning of kitchen cabinets, desks - from the outside 3.00 BGN/m2
Cleaning cabinets - both from the inside and outside 6.00 BGN/m2
Cleaning of aluminum blinds (one-sided) 0.80 BGN/m2
Dust removal of textile blinds 1.60 BGN/m2
Washing of windows and showcases (one-sided) 0.90 BGN/m2
Windows with bars 1.80 BGN/m2
Washing of windows + frames (one-sided) 1.70 BGN/m2
Complex cleaning of window frames and glass after construction works. (one sided) Removal of stickers, adhesives, plasters, paints and other pollution 1.90 BGN/m2
Bathroom and toilet
Complete bathroom cleaning (except for the ceiling) 35.00 BGN/pcs.
Complete toilet cleaning (except for the ceiling / 15.00 BGN/pcs.
Sink washing 3.00 BGN/pcs.
Bath washing 5.00 BGN/pcs.
Shower cabin washing 7.00 BGN/pcs.
Jacuzzi washing 7.00 BGN/pcs.
Toilet bowl washing 3.00 BGN/pcs.
Overall cleaning
Overall cleaning of apartments and offices after repair or construction works 3.50 BGN/m2
Overall cleaning of apartments and offices 3.00 BGN/m2

* The listed cleaning prices include VAT. All prices may increase after site review, depending on the degree of contamination and cleaning access.

* Minimum value for cleaning order 50.00 BGN

Item Price for ironing Price for washing + ironing
Adult Clothes
Trousers, skirts, shirts, dresses 2.00 BGN/pcs. 2.50 BGN/pcs.
T-shirts, skirts, sweaters, jerseys, shorts 1.70 BGN/pcs. 2.10 BGN/pcs.
Kids clothing
Up to 6 years old 1.00 BGN/pcs. 1.50 BGN/pcs.
Up to 12 years old 1.50 BGN/pcs. 2.00 BGN/pcs.
Cushion covers 0.70 BGN/pcs. 1.10 BGN/pcs.
Bed sheet - single bed 2.00 BGN/pcs. 2.50 BGN/pcs.
Upper envelope - single bed 2.00 BGN/pcs. 2.50 BGN/pcs.
Bed sheet - double bed 2.50 BGN/pcs. 3.00 BGN/pcs.
Upper envelope - double bed 2.50 BGN/pcs. 3.00 BGN/pcs.
Curtains 4.30 BGN/кг. 6.30 BGN/кг.
Table cover (small) 0.80 BGN/pcs. 1.20 BGN/pcs.
Table cover (large) 1.10 BGN/pcs. 1.40 BGN/pcs.
Towels 1.00 BGN/pcs. 1.30 BGN/pcs.
Handkerchiefs, napkins 0.40 BGN/pcs. 0.60 BGN/pcs.